Collaborative Learning Center
     Pepperell Elementary is excited to be one of the first schools
in Northwest Georgia to have a Collaborative Learning Center.
     Craig Ellison, Director of Technology for Floyd County schools
says, “The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) will provide a
21st century environment for teachers to experiment with various
ways to differentiate instruction to enhance student learning.
The CLC will be a more mobile, technology based, student
focused learning environment based on creative collaboration
and sharing of knowledge. Research shows that differentiated
instruction improves student learning and engagement,
which promotes better grades, and ultimately, a larger number
of graduates.”
     The CLC will be a great way to enhance 
the social and
academic skills of active learners and help all 
students achieve
success, as we move into the 21st century. 

Take a look at the Desks and Chromebooks that will be in the new 
Collaborative Learning Center in January.
 Take a look at the 28 Desks
 that will go into the lab.
Also look at the 28 new 
Chromebooks that will be in the  CLC.